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I want to share the secrets of true weight loss with women everywhere, the secrets

of our ancestral DNA that can transform our bodies from a 'Modern Bod' into

something more innate, more natural, more real… more primal. 

And that’s why I call it the Primal Bod.

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I reveal the three
life-altering discoveries
I made that transformed my Modern Bod into a

Primal Bod.

I’ve helped hundreds of women lose their stubborn fat and change their lives for the better.  


The only gap I leave between you and your dream body is your ability to follow through!

Gain access to the Primal Bod curriculum, private FaceBook group, and weekly coaching calls with pricing options starting at $1,000.


Primal Bod Program


My Primal Path platform is the complete instruction manual for your dream body.  Just follow the steps.

My private FB group for Primal Bod Members is your best spot to ask questions and get quick feedback.

Get direct feedback from me and learn from the stories of other members.



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Candi Frazier is a Board-Certified Functional Nutritionist and Medical Professional Nutrition Educator who is most famous for helping women with stubborn fat find their dream physique.


Over the past 5 years, she’s helped hundreds of clients with her proven 3-step Primal Bod System and inside her private coaching program, she reveals exactly how it all works.

I believe that in order to obtain our Primal Bod, you must live at one with the biological systems and environment to which your body is adapted.  And if you get in the way, your result is a Modern Bod - frumpy, saggy, and cellulite-ridden.

How do you get in the way?

By eating the modern-day 'cardboard' processed foods devoid of nutrients and sitting in front of your computer and Netflix.  But pursuing your Primal Bod doesn't mean you have to live in a cave and join a hunter-gatherer tribe.  You can make incremental yet profound changes to obtain your dream body while living in the modern world.

After all, we don't make the rules, nature does.  

Your body has an innate ‘clock’ (we call it the Primal Clock) and it requires that you balance your circadian rhythm with your fuel (i.e. food) intake. The Primal Clock is a core component of getting your Primal Bod.

The fundamental premise of this program is creating repeatable and predictable results. And that’s what I deliver. My promise is to provide you the tools for you to lose up to 20 pounds of stubborn fat in 6 weeks or less.


And I can make that promise because I’ve done it for hundreds of women already.


So what do you need to do?


Trust yourself and trust the process. The rest is just following the path... The Primal Path.

My women follow a simple, three-step process that I call the Primal Bod System to lose up to 20 pounds in 6 weeks or less and keep it off for life. We start by igniting your metabolic fire using Lipolysis, which is quantitatively measured on a daily basis. In step two, we train your body to consume its own fat for fuel - this isn’t just a gimmicky saying, it’s a promise. Finally, we build your metabolic inertia so that you continuously incinerate the fat from your stomach, butt, and thighs.  

This is not the Traditional Keto Diet.  While we measure ketone levels to ensure our bodies are responding adequately, this program focuses on six other key elements that I've found to be more crucial to near- and long-term results.  Our proprietary process keeps you out of starvation mode and in fat-burning so you don't plateau.

Primal Bod Proprietary Process

I’ve poured my heart and soul (and a lot of time) into learning how the body works holistically and within the parameters of our environment. And what I’ve come to realize is that the only path to true health is to honor our ancestral DNA. That story is told in my Masterclass.


Welcome to the first chapter of your new life!

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