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A male-centric approach to the popular women-only program, Primal Bod for Men is designed with body recomposition in mind.  With a primary target of converting your body from burning sugar to burning fat for fuel, you can expect to lose weight (if you have it to lose) while also increasing muscle mass and re-aligning your environment with your ancestral DNA.  


This is about reclaiming what's been lost to convenience and laziness.

The dad bod is out... Primal Bod is in.


Primal Path Macbook Mockup



6 weeks of video lectures designed to transform your Modern Bod into a Primal Bod AND to provide the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.  Once you learn it, you won’t unlearn it.  And that’s why my promise is that you’ll keep your Primal Bod for life.

Here's a sample of the many videos in The Primal Path.

Curriculum Infographic.png

Your success is my top priority.  And I only want to work with men that are motivated and ready to finally get their dream body and keep it.  So to make sure this is the right program for you, see below.

This program is for you if:

  • you are ready to solve this problem once and for all

  • you have a growth mindset (not a limited mindset)

  • nothing and no one is going to hold you back

This program is not for you if:

  • you are unwilling to eat meat (up to three times per day if necessary)

  • you are working with another coach or are on another program

  • you are not ready to unlearn what is holding you back

  • you are not willing to step outside your comfort zone

I finally 'cracked the code' to the Primal Bod in a serendipitous moment in 2021 and it was because of my husband Tom.  Tom has been Type 1 Diabetic since he was 15.  We finally had enough of the yo-yo'ing of his bloodsugar and we made a pact that we'd dramatically alter his diet to lower the amount of insulin he needed in combination with optimizing his circadian rhythm to reset his hormones.  


It worked and it was the final piece I was missing in my search for the secret to a permanent dream physique.  I think the picture below tells the story quite well.  And if you think we slaved away in the gym, we didn't.  Before 2021, Tom was an avid Crossfitter and struggled putting on muscle and leaning out.  After we made our changes and aligned with our Primal Bod, his muscles just... grew.  And his body fat percentage just... shrank.  He worked out less than ever and has a better physique than ever!

And it's pretty obvious why.  He uses dramatically less insulin, consumes an adequate amount of protein, and knows our secrets to getting a Primal Bod.

Tom Frazier Primal Bod Transformation

I’ve helped hundreds of women lose their stubborn fat and change their lives for the better.

But don’t take it from, take it from them!

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